Why is it difficult to put people over resources?

By Resources we mean the financial metrics associated with any organization.This would mean EBITDA , EPS , Cash flow , resources from customers and investors etc.

Hence though these are external to an organization these have a huge bearing on the quarterly targets of an organization.

Whereas “Will” is related to inspiration , motivation and other humanitarian aspects related to the employees of an organization.

Since resources are the low hanging fruits hence finite minded leaders who are driven by short cuts show a bias for Resources over will.

Hence as a result of this work cultures where they are predominant are characterized by finite mindset where people are pitted against one another.

On the other hand , iconic and visionary leaders who put Will over Resources take the requisite risks to invest in motivation of manpower to ensure that in the long term they can take care of the resources to keep the organization active in the infinite game of business.

Hence focusing on Will over Resources takes a risk appetite , patience and an infinite mindset.

Adopted from Simon Sinek’s book The Infinite Game


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