This quote reiterates the fact that money cannot buy true will

Adopted from the following quote of Dan Ariely , book name Predictably Irrational…. “MONEY, AS IT turns out, is very often the most expensive way to motivate people. Social norms are not only cheaper, but often more effective as well.” The same has been highlighted in details by Simon Sinek in his book The InfiniteContinue reading “This quote reiterates the fact that money cannot buy true will”

Why is it difficult to put people over resources?

By Resources we mean the financial metrics associated with any organization.This would mean EBITDA , EPS , Cash flow , resources from customers and investors etc. Hence though these are external to an organization these have a huge bearing on the quarterly targets of an organization. Whereas “Will” is related to inspiration , motivation andContinue reading “Why is it difficult to put people over resources?”

This saying proves why Wikipedia is so famous

Motivation 3.0 is a term coined by Daniel Pink in his book Drive to state that the modern day knowledge worker needs a different motivational technique than the carrot and stick approach. Motivation 3.0 centers around “Intrinsic Motivation” which is so visible in the rise and rise of Open Source Community , software and forContinue reading “This saying proves why Wikipedia is so famous”

Great Leaders have the vision to put “Will” Over “Resources”

Great leaders who possess an infinite mindset focus on the long term instead of quick wins in the short term. Investing in Resources over Will seems the most appropriate strategy for a short term oriented finite minded leader in order to show quick wins. A long term oriented mindset focusing on “Will” or people ,Continue reading “Great Leaders have the vision to put “Will” Over “Resources””

Why is it harder to put people over resources?

Will is intangible and entails motivating and inspiring the feelings of people so that they give off their best at the workplace. Resources or profits on the other hand is easier to measure , tangible and relates to the financial metrics that contribute to the health of an organization. Focusing on Resources leads to benefitsContinue reading “Why is it harder to put people over resources?”

The magic of investing in the right people

Infinite minded leaders invest in the “will” of trustworthy people , high in emotional quotient by motivating and inspiring them to be part of the “Just Cause”. Money cannot buy true will and once the investment in people pay off , high performance teams result which leads to employees putting the “Just Cause” before themselves.Continue reading “The magic of investing in the right people”

“Will” over “Resources” or vice versa

“Resources” generally come from outside resources like customers or investors and represent the sum of all the financial metrics that contribute to the health of the organization. “Will” in contrast is intangible and harder to measure.When we talk about will we take about feelings of people when they come to work. Thus though investing inContinue reading ““Will” over “Resources” or vice versa”

Three goals of pursuing a business

Adopted from Simon Sinek’s book titled “Great by Choice” The three goals for any business , in that order , should be: Pursue a just cause – To advance a vision bigger than self Protect people and make them feel safe – Should give rise to “Trusting” and hence “high performing” teams Generate profit –Continue reading “Three goals of pursuing a business”

“Will” or “Resources” which is easier to control?

In an infinite game of business “will” relates to human metrices for e.g inspiration , motivation , trust etc. Whereas “resources” refer to profit , revenues etc. Needlessly to say “resources” depend on external factors like customers , shareholders and are not in the control of a leader. What is internal to an organization andContinue reading ““Will” or “Resources” which is easier to control?”

When does a player drop out of the “infinite game”?

An infinite game is one where there are no clearly defined rules , no fixed set of players , no preset time limits.The world of business is indeed an infinite business where there is nothing like “winning”. The two most important tools that help play the game are 1) Will & 2) Resources. Whereas “will”Continue reading “When does a player drop out of the “infinite game”?”