Performance over Trust or vice versa ?

Simon Sinek in his book titled “Infinite Game” has enlightened readers on the enhanced need to trust and hence EQ in the modern day game of business to outwit finite mindset based businesses.

A look at the comparison between “Performance” & “Trust” brings out that fact as to why Trust is more needed for survival the infinite game of business.

Performance Trust
IQ(Intelligence Quotient) EQ(Emotional Quotient)
High performance & low trust leads to a toxic environment that kills creativity High trust even if performance is low or medium is much desirable since performance can definitely be enhanced
Various measures and metrics present to gauge performance No proper metric in place to measure trust
High performance even at the cost of low trust can lead to ethical fading encouraged by finite mindset leaders Low trust has zero tolerance in “trusting teams” part of high performing organization led by infinite mindset visionaries
High performance without trust can at most work in the short term High trust with low or medium performance is the perfect balance for survival in the infinite game

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