Marketers need to understand this quirky human psychology

Adopted from the following iconic marketing quote of Seth Godin.. “People don’t believe what you tell them. They rarely believe what you show them. They often believe what their friends tell them. They always believe what they tell themselves.” 

The need of Permission Marketing in a hyper-mediated world

Adopted from the following great marketing quote of Seth Godin.. “As new forms of media develop and clutter becomes ever more intense, it’s the asset of permission that will generate profits for marketers.”

This quote wonderfully highlights a bureaucratic environment

Adopted from Seth Godin’s great quotes , the following quote endorses Jim Collins’s finding in book Good to Great that bureaucratic environments would not arise if the right people are put in the right place.. “The purpose of bureaucracy is to compensate for incompetence and lack of discipline–a problem that largely goes away if youContinue reading “This quote wonderfully highlights a bureaucratic environment”

Extending machine learning to human interactions

Adopted from Seth Godin’s great quotes.. “The way you engage with your customers (students/bosses/peers) trains them on what to expect from interactions with you.”

This quote is a masterclass on “creating the perfect work culture”

Adopted from the following great quote of Seth Godin.. “Create a culture where peers inspire peers, in which each employee acts like a leader, pushing the culture forward. People like us do things like this. People like us, care.”

This quote highlights the importance of on boarding the right people

Jim Collins in his book Good to Great mentions the following as an important strategy adopted by leaders in great companies- Taking the wrong people off the bus and on boarding the right people on the bus for sustainable success.. The same has been echoed by Seth Godin in this following quote of his.. “IfContinue reading “This quote highlights the importance of on boarding the right people”

This quote highlights why GREAT LEADERS are eternal OPTIMISTS

Adopted from Seth Godin’s great leadership quotes.. “Hope without a strategy doesn’t generate leadership. Leadership comes when your hope and your optimism are matched with a concrete vision of the future and a way to get there.” 

This quote very aptly highlights the biggest obstacle to CHANGE

Adopted from Seth Godin’s inspirational quotes.. “The largest enemy of change and leadership isn’t a ‘no,’ it’s a ‘not yet.’ ‘Not yet’ is the safest, easiest way to forestall change.”

This is what is meant by “Leading from the front”

Adopted from the following great leadership quote of Seth Godin , author of the book Tribes.. “Leaders lead when they take positions, when they connect with their tribes, and when they help the tribe connect to itself.”