Extending parenting to leadership

Leadership is very similar to parenting. Like a parent feels proud to see their children do better than what they did in life , a great leader similarly feels great to see others around him prosper and do better in life. Along similar lines just like a parent never disowns a child , a greatContinue reading “Extending parenting to leadership”

This leadership comparison is the reason Great Leaders never relax

Simon Sinek in his leadership lessons has mentioned that Leadership , the skill , is like a MUSCLE. Hence it needs to be practiced everyday in order to make it perfect. If we do not stretch our muscles , they become weak , similarly if we do not practice leadership skills eventually we cease beingContinue reading “This leadership comparison is the reason Great Leaders never relax”

How Our capability of rational thought inherently supports ethical fading?

As human beings we are blessed and CURSED with our ability for RATIONAL THOUGHT. It is with our capacity for rational and analytical thought that we can think through hard problems and advance technology. This can also be MISUSED to explain or JUSTIFY our behavior when we know it VIOLATES some deep seated code ofContinue reading “How Our capability of rational thought inherently supports ethical fading?”

Components of Work Culture

Build a Work Culture based on trust takes a lot of doing. It starts by creating a space in which people feel comfortable and safe to be themselves. Work Culture has the following two primary components: Value system behavior Realizing these two components are the building blocks of a company work culture can help anContinue reading “Components of Work Culture”

Human beings are hardwired to protect ourselves

Our brains are hardwired to protect ourselves. We AVOID DANGER and seek out places in which we FEEL SAFE. The best place is to be AMONG OTHERS around whom we feel safe and we know will protect us. The most ANXIETY inducing place is to be ALONE , where we feel we have to protectContinue reading “Human beings are hardwired to protect ourselves”

Trust building is a continuous process

The process of building trust takes risks. We start by taking small risks , and if we feel safe , we take bigger risks. Sometimes there are missteps , then we try again. Until eventually we feel we can completely be ourselves. Thus TRUST must be continuously and actively cultivated. Adopted from Simon Sinek’s bookContinue reading “Trust building is a continuous process”

Why did GE need a $300 billion bail out in 2008?

Though once upon a time GE was regarded as an iconic company with time its value drastically went down and eventually it came to a stage where the US government had to resort to a $300 billion bail out to revive GE during the 2008 financial crisis. If we do a prognosis we will findContinue reading “Why did GE need a $300 billion bail out in 2008?”

What kind of an environment gives rise to Finite Minded Leaders?

In a culture dominated by intense pressure to meet quarterly or annual targets , too many leaders value high performers with little consideration of whether others can TRUST them or not. Such finite minded leaders to meet their targets are prepared to sacrifice the work environment to nurture more selfish , narrow minded and non-trustworthyContinue reading “What kind of an environment gives rise to Finite Minded Leaders?”

Milton Friedman’s Shareholder Primacy and its relationship with finite mindset

Milton Friedman’shareholder primacy theory requiring every company to give primary focus and attention to direct their attention to safeguard the interests of the shareholders is the primary reason that has given rise to advent of finite minded leaders. When the Resources i.e. financial metrics with respect to shareholders need to be given primary importance CEO’sContinue reading “Milton Friedman’s Shareholder Primacy and its relationship with finite mindset”

Clarity in JUST CAUSE and its relation to the Idea Diffusion Curve

The Idea Diffusion Curve talks about Innovators , Early Adopters , Early Majority , Late Majority and Laggards. The cleared a JUST CAUSE the more likely it will attract and invite the Innovators and Early Adopters who take risks to advance something that exists almost entirely in their imaginations. With each success a little moreContinue reading “Clarity in JUST CAUSE and its relation to the Idea Diffusion Curve”