How an organization handles Acquisitions is an indicator of its greatness

Less known companies try to create a breakthrough with large and misguided acquisitions without adhering to any framework.. The great companies in contrast use large acquisitions after breakthrough to accelerate momentum guided by the Hedgehog Concept after their flywheel has already build up momentum.. Adopted from Jim Collins’s book Good to Great

Understanding the Buildup and Breakthrough flywheel model

Great organizations are known for making steady 20 mile marches adhering to the Hedgehog concept sacrificing the enticements or pressures due to the stock market.. The buildup-breakthrough flywheel effect is when great organizations build up themselves for a breakthrough and once these achieve the breakthrough they scale up adhering to the Hedgehog concept by showingContinue reading “Understanding the Buildup and Breakthrough flywheel model”

Flywheel Effect Framework to scale up great organizations

Great Organizations led by Level 5 leaders , identify breakthrough then build transformation using the following Flywheel Effect based framework The framework has been illustrated below Adopted from Jim Collins’s book Good To Great