This is when a TEAM achieves GREATNESS..

Adopted from the following great insight shared by Simon Sinek from the book Together is Better “A team is not a group of people who work together. A team is a group of people who trust each other.”

This is how a Team is supposed to be!!

“A team is not a group of people who work together.Team is a group of people who trust each other” Adopted from Simon Sinek’s book Together is Better

How to Promote Goldilocks for groups?

To build a high performance team based on intrinsic motivation we can promote goldilocks for groups based on the following 4 principles: Begin with a “diverse” team Make the group a “no competition” zone From time to time try task-shifting Animate with PURPOSE , do not MOTIVATE with REWARDS Adopted from Daniel Pink’s book Drive

How best can “A group of people work together”?

A team is NOT necessarily a GROUP of PEOPLE who WORK TOGETHER. In the modern day of TRUSTING TEAMS a TEAM is  a GROUP of PEOPLE who TRUST each OTHER. In such teams people psychologically safe to work with each other and openly express their vulnerability. Adopted from Simon Sinek’s book The Infinite Game

This is a big truth about High Performance teams

High Performance teams are Trusting teams who have trustworthy individuals high on emotional quotient. These are the main components of a trusting team that makes us realize why these are high performing teams: Members fearlessly are open to express vulnerability Members hugely trust each other The group shares the suffering Adopted from Simon Sinek’s bookContinue reading “This is a big truth about High Performance teams”

The NAVY SEALS as well as any great work environment share this in common

With respect to performance and Trust , Trust is of much higher importance to Navy Seals and their training is oriented to encourage Trustworthy leaders rather than selfish minded high performing individuals. Performance is related to technical competence and is more related to Intelligence Quotient which can be trained.On the other hand Trust relates toContinue reading “The NAVY SEALS as well as any great work environment share this in common”

When do we feel safe to express vulnerability?

Members in a Trusting Team feel safe in the company of each other. They feel free to express their vulnerability since it is a high trust envrionment. It is basic human nature for trust to develop when we feel safe to express our vulnerability. Hence Trusting team turn out to be High Performance teams. AdoptedContinue reading “When do we feel safe to express vulnerability?”

When a GROUP does REMARKABLE things

Adopted from Simon Sinek’s leadership quotes.. The following inspirational quote shows why human bonds matter and why great teams are one where maximum trust exists.This is the only pre-requisite that leads to HIGH Performance teams. “The ABILITY for a GROUP of PEOPLE to do REMARKABLE things HINGES on how well those PEOPLE can PULL TOGETHERContinue reading “When a GROUP does REMARKABLE things”