“Will” or “Resources” which is easier to control?

In an infinite game of business “will” relates to human metrices for e.g inspiration , motivation , trust etc. Whereas “resources” refer to profit , revenues etc. Needlessly to say “resources” depend on external factors like customers , shareholders and are not in the control of a leader. What is internal to an organization andContinue reading ““Will” or “Resources” which is easier to control?”

When does a player drop out of the “infinite game”?

An infinite game is one where there are no clearly defined rules , no fixed set of players , no preset time limits.The world of business is indeed an infinite business where there is nothing like “winning”. The two most important tools that help play the game are 1) Will & 2) Resources. Whereas “will”Continue reading “When does a player drop out of the “infinite game”?”

How to “win” an infinite game

An infinite game is one where the players are not fixed , there are no clearly defined rules and no fixed timelines.Any number of players can enter or exit at any stage. In such a scenario the two important factors are 1) will & 2) resources An infinite player’s goal is to use the “will”(motivationContinue reading “How to “win” an infinite game”

Any game has these two components

Any game be it finite or infinite has the following two necessary conponents: 1) Resources & 2) Will By resources we mean the sum of all the financial metrics that contribute to the health of an organization.This is tangible & can mean PAT , stock price etc. By will we mean sum total of allContinue reading “Any game has these two components”