How to “win” an infinite game

An infinite game is one where the players are not fixed , there are no clearly defined rules and no fixed timelines.Any number of players can enter or exit at any stage.

In such a scenario the two important factors are 1) will & 2) resources

An infinite player’s goal is to use the “will”(motivation , will power , inspiration etc. other human aspects) to advance the resources(would mean profit , money) in order to frustrate others who lose the will and drain out their resources & hence finally quit the game.

Thus at one time one player may be ahead and at another time the same player may be behind.Tbus an infinite player understands the fact that there is nothing like “winning” in an infinite game.The sole goal should be self advancement to keep playing.

Simon Sibek’s book titled “The Infinite Games” touches upon these aspects and extends these concepts to business and life.

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