BUD/S program for US Navy Seals – Sneak peek

The Basic Underwater Demolition for Seals(BUD/S) is a rigorous training program for the iconic NAVY SEALS.

This is a test of grit , character and determination.Lots of participants eventually drop out and in the end it is the most determined and gritty who emerge triumphant.

To win the program you are not expected to be macho , well built but collaborative and gutsy to be able to help the one on your left abd your right.The ones who are selfish are ultimately ostracized and drop out.

Since this is a program to filter out the very best , hence the program is designed to very rigorous.

This is again like a game wherein completion of each stage eventually brings a participant closer to the bigger picture.

Thus what matters at the end of it is grit and endurance.

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