Don’t just take a stand , showcase parallel thinking

Edward De Bono’s 6 thinking hats is a lesson in itself.The legendary author’s 6 Thinking Hats framework has shown beyond doubt how to get the best out of a brain storming session. Just taking a stand and opposing contrary ideas , no longer works in the modern era.Parallel thinking by means of use of theContinue reading “Don’t just take a stand , showcase parallel thinking”

Perception vs Logic – Which dominates?

In the book “The Free Mind” , Ed De Bono talks about perception as the dominant force behind influencing our thoughts. The Harvard stalwart David Perkins goes the distance in saying that 90% of errors made by us in thoughts is due to perceptions and the rest due to logic. This goes a long wayContinue reading “Perception vs Logic – Which dominates?”

“The Free Mind” by De Bono – Funny fact about the Chinese

This fantastic book by Edward De Bono makes a mention of the fact that the Chinese because of small eyes tend to have near sighted ness and hence a majority of them use spectacles. Since the invention of spectacles dates back to only as late as the 14th century hence the author mentions that majorityContinue reading ““The Free Mind” by De Bono – Funny fact about the Chinese”

7 step framework for providing “guidance” to teams

For bosses to provide proper guidance to their teams , the following 7 step continuously evolving framework has been mentioned by Kim Scott in “Radical Candor”.   Listen————–> <————–  Learn                                                  Continue reading “7 step framework for providing “guidance” to teams”

“Radical Candor” by Kim Scott – Takeaway on strengthening social bonds

Kim Scott makes a mention that a warm hug for 6 seconds can release Serotonin & Oxytocin (leadership and love hormone respectively) in our bodies. This is the pre-requisite for long lasting relationships and formation of true social bonds.

Plot of “Care Personally” v/s “Challenge Directly” – “Dimensions of Guidance”

As mentioned by Kim Scott in “Radical Candor” , guidance provided by our bosses can be classified into the following types based on the intent. Based on the two components of Radical Candor i.e. 1) Care personally & 2) Challenge Directly guidance provided by bosses to sub-ordinates can be classified into the following categories: RadicalContinue reading “Plot of “Care Personally” v/s “Challenge Directly” – “Dimensions of Guidance””

Components of “Radical Candor” – The Kim Scott way

Kim Scott in her book “Radical Candor” has coined this very term very thoughtfully. Applied to modern day bosses , there are two components that elaborately explains “Radical Candor” as the way forward for communication to drive high performance. Care Personally – Deep care for direct reports of bosses ensure flow of trust , neededContinue reading “Components of “Radical Candor” – The Kim Scott way”

Importance of “Radical Candor” by Kim Scott

The book “Radical Candor” by Kim Scott mentions the importance of radical candor as a central theme in the framework all top performing BOSSES should follow. Here is the summarised framework: 1) Relationships with direct reportees to provide guidance , help in team building to drive great results. 2) Realizing responsibilities towards all communication aimedContinue reading “Importance of “Radical Candor” by Kim Scott”

”Hunter” Vs “Farmer” – Key takeaway from Seth Godin’s “Permission Marketing”

In this famous book ,to me,the difference between the easiest & most common form of marketing i.e. Interruption Marketing and the most desired form of marketing i.e. Permission Marketing stands out. An interruption marketer is like a hunter who wants to use the power of reach to put across the message to as many customersContinue reading “”Hunter” Vs “Farmer” – Key takeaway from Seth Godin’s “Permission Marketing””