Human bonds v/s technology driven advancement – Need to strike the golden balance

As technology continues to advance the human race , as social media and various other gadgets take charge of our lives it is important to not lose sight of the fact that human beings still crave for social bonds.This is the biggest difference between us and animals around us , our ability to form human bonds and societies that help us flourish and remain fulfilled.

In the age of social media(FB , Instagram , Twitter) and instant gratification thanks to Amazon , Flipkart etc. we as human beings are mostly losing human touch and sacrificing the same for virtual bonds e.g. FB friend lists etc.

Right from the caveman times it is social bonds that has helped us fight all odds and helped us survive when other animal species around us have by now become extinct.

Social bonds play important role in creation of communities , countries and for that matter companies where we work day and night to earn our daily bread.Though technology has acted as a huge enabler in recent times , it is important not to sacrifice human bonds at the cost of short term happiness provided by technology e.g. social media.We need to strike a golden balance.

Our brains are oriented to feel charged up and fulfilled through human bonds by feel and touch rather than short term happiness via instant gratification and social media virtual bonds.If we remember DUNBAR number , at one time it is not possible for an human being to maintain contacts with more than 150 individuals but the presence of social media e.g. FB , Twitter we as individuals are driven to proliferate our friend list beyond manageable proportions just for that shot of dopamine.

The touch of oxytocin flow that we get through genuine human bonds and social relationships make us feel safe and fulfilled.This is pure science of the brain which will remain the same.Our brains are oriented to feel charged up and fulfilled through human bonds by feel and touch rather thame irrespective of the advancement of technology.This has existed right from the caveman times and is the single biggest reason why human beings are different from animals or ROBOTs.

We as individuals  should take an oath to regularly practice socializing with those around us who believe in what we believe through a sense of feel and touch rather than short lived happiness via the social media.This would enliven us and make our lives more fulfilling.

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