Any organization’s CEO should actually be a CVO

Adopted from the following great leadership quote of Simon Sinek “A Chief Executive Officer is actually a Chief Vision Officer, someone who is responsible for setting and articulating and ensuring the organization is heading in one direction and then hiring the people and giving them direction beyond the short term.

Why the combination of CEO with “WHY” and COO with “HOW” is a deadly combo?

Look at the success of companies like Apple , Microsoft , SWA and you realize how the combination of a person who knew WHY and a person who knew HOW resulted in such an iconic organization. Paul Allen had the HOW whereas Bill Gates had the WHY to create a PC industry and Microsoft cameContinue reading “Why the combination of CEO with “WHY” and COO with “HOW” is a deadly combo?”

CEO as Chief Vision Officer

Adopted from Simon Sinek’s book The Infinite Game CEO needs to have a vision and needs to communicate a JUST CAUSE to the employees in an organization. Whereas COO and CFO are more focused on supporting this vision of the CEO. As per Simon Sinek , CEO needs to know WHY the organization exists inContinue reading “CEO as Chief Vision Officer”

Is it time to change the CEO title?

A CEO’s job is to ensure everyone clearly understands the vision or the just cause and all C level execs direct their efforts to advance the just cause Since the CEO is the holder , communicator and protector of the vision , the person will be better equipped to discharge responsibilities if he/she steps intoContinue reading “Is it time to change the CEO title?”

Addressing “macro” and “micro” aspects of running an organization

Adopted from Simon Sinek’s book titled “The Infinite Game” The top three positions of a company i.e. the CEO(Chief Executive Officer) , COO(Chief Operating Officer) & CFO(Chief Financial Officer) are responsible for running a company. Chief Executive Officer is the one who needs to have the vision to run a company with an infinite mindset.ThisContinue reading “Addressing “macro” and “micro” aspects of running an organization”

The role of a CVO in an infinite game

For playing the infinite game of business with an infinite mindset the modern day CEO needs to be a visionary putting people’s priorities first over bottom line ,stock markets etc. A finite mindset wherein bottom line , profit margins become the first priority over people issues , though successful in the short term can leadContinue reading “The role of a CVO in an infinite game”