Understanding the Golden Circle

As shown in the snapshot , the WHY and HOW in whatever we do relates to the LIMBIC or emotional brain which only understands signals. WHAT we do is directed related to the rational brain or neo cortex since this can be reasoned out logically Adopted from Simon Sinek‚Äôs book Start With Why and thisContinue reading “Understanding the Golden Circle”

Nested WHYs in great organizations – Find Your Why

Lowest Level of organization is an employee – Individual WHY Employee belongs to department – Each department has specific WHY Each department rolls up to the entire organization – Organization WHY Individual WHY rolls up to department WHY & Organization WHY Department WHY rolls up to organization WHY

The journey of WHY Discovery for individuals – Lessons learnt from “Find Your Why”

Find Your Why from Simon Sinek , David Mead and Peter Docker is the follow up book to Start With Why by Simon Sinek. The Why Discovery for individuals is something I found simply fascinating. The distance the authors have gone in explaining the scientific approach to discovering WHY is simply awesome. An individual whoContinue reading “The journey of WHY Discovery for individuals – Lessons learnt from “Find Your Why””