The journey of WHY Discovery for individuals – Lessons learnt from “Find Your Why”

Find Your Why from Simon Sinek , David Mead and Peter Docker is the follow up book to Start With Why by Simon Sinek.

The Why Discovery for individuals is something I found simply fascinating.

The distance the authors have gone in explaining the scientific approach to discovering WHY is simply awesome.

An individual who needs to discovery his/her WHY needs to first find a friend or a trustworthy person who would help with the discovery.Such a person should be chosen very judiciously.The person needs to be a very good listener and should not have prejudiced views.Eagerness and inquisitiveness in helping a friend discover WHY is also a very important criteria.

After the facilitator is chosen the following are the three steps:

  1. Gather stories about the life of the person – These stories should have some special place in the life of the person.
  2. Find out patterns – From the facts noted from the stories , try to find out meaning and connect the dots.
  3. Draft a WHY – Based on the above analysis , try to draft a WHY in the following format:

         TO___________________(contribution) SO THAT_____________________(impact)

 The draft WHY is in no means going to be 100% perfect at the first attempt and this needs to be refined going forward.All this exercise would do is to set a foundation for creation of a WHY.

For more details I would sincerely encourage readers to go through the book FIND YOU WHY.Believe me it would an absolutely unbelievable experience.

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