How this simple sentence construct can take us closer towards fulfillment

Simon Sinek who has coined the concept of WHY has mentioned in Find Your Why , the construct of a simple WHY statement The WHY statement can help bring fulfillment in our lives by making us realize what drives our PASSION and hence channelize all our energy in that direction The following has been adoptedContinue reading “How this simple sentence construct can take us closer towards fulfillment”

This is how we should choose the organization to work for

Simon Sinek introduced the concept of WHY which is the reason why an individual or organizaton exists When an individual is aware of his WHY and his WHY rolls up to the WHY of the department he works in an organization it would be the best fit place for an individual Obviously the WHY ofContinue reading “This is how we should choose the organization to work for”

The destination is never “fuzzy” to a great leader

A great leader is one who has a clear vision that helps in showing followers the proper destination. A weak leader or a micro manager is one who is not sure of the destination himself.As a result of this the followers never have a clear sense of vision. The human brain is oriented in aContinue reading “The destination is never “fuzzy” to a great leader”

Reason our “WHY” should be for service to others

The concept of WHY was introduced by Simon Sinek in his iconic book titled “Start With Why”. A WHY is another name for finding a deep filled purpose in our lives.This has to be in sync with our own personality traits as well. When we run after short term benefits , hit a goal ,Continue reading “Reason our “WHY” should be for service to others”

Are you living your WHY?

Simon Sinek pioneered the concept of WHY as one which gives us purpose and meaning in our lives.We should each strive towards finding out our real purpose or “WHY” in our lives for a fulfilling life. When we say and do the things what we truly believe our behavior is regarded as consistent.This is whenContinue reading “Are you living your WHY?”