Understanding Simon Sinek’s individual WHY

Simon Sinek is the author of best selling books like “Start With Why” , “Find Your Why” , “Leaders Eat Last” , “Together is Better” , “The Infinite Game”. He has illuminated the world on the concept of ‘WHY” to give purpose in our lives. Let us have a look at the WHY of SimonContinue reading “Understanding Simon Sinek’s individual WHY”

“Organization as Tree , employees as birds” metaphor

Every organization is like a TREE with BRANCHES(divisions) with each BRANCH having a bird’s(employee) NEST(safe home). Each bird sitting in a nest i.e. each employee has an individual WHY oriented towards feeling safe. This individual WHY has to roll up into the division’s WHY which should eventually roll up into the organization’s WHY. Understanding theContinue reading ““Organization as Tree , employees as birds” metaphor”

What is a “Why Statement”?

Knowing our individual WHY is key to finding meaning and purpose in our lives. Simon Sinek , who has introduced the concept of “WHY” has provided a format of this WHY statement.After lot of soul searching and choosing the right partners , WHY discovery is possible. The WHY statement comprises of the “contribution” to createContinue reading “What is a “Why Statement”?”

Characteristics of the partner who can help in “Why Discovery”

A Why Discovery is related to finding WHY of an individual to give a sense of purpose in life. For undergoing a WHY discovery Simon Sinek in his book titled “Find Your Why” recommends the partner to have great listening skills. The best partners should be ones who are very curious and have great listeningContinue reading “Characteristics of the partner who can help in “Why Discovery””

Importance of organizational”macro” & “micro” aspects in WHY discovery

Any organization has a WHY(macro level) , each of its divisions have their individual WHY’s(macro level) and every individual in those divisions have their individual WHY’s (micro level)as well. Understanding WHY discovery at both the macro as well as the micro level is important to make sure the right people are working in the rightContinue reading “Importance of organizational”macro” & “micro” aspects in WHY discovery”

How to Find Your WHY?

Discovering your own WHY “Find Your Why” is Simon Sinek’s follow up to the best seller named “Start with Why“. This book teaches individuals as well as groups to find out their┬árespective WHYs in their lives. In this blog we will focus on a high level overview of the why discovery related to individuals. FindingContinue reading “How to Find Your WHY?”