Why is “Emotional Quotient” more sought after?

In the modern day workplaces , emotional quotient(EQ) is a more sought after characteristic. This is because a trustworthy individual with high EQ forms the basic DNA of Trusting Teams which form the essence of innovation in the modern day workplace. Intelligence quotient(IQ) or self brilliance can be learnt but without trust cannot be relevantContinue reading “Why is “Emotional Quotient” more sought after?”

The one thing “High Performing Teams” have in common

High Performing teams are nurtured in innovation focused organizations led by infinite minded leaders. While a team is a group of people who work with each other , in HIGH performing teams , the group of people do not only work with each other , they TRUST each other. The feeling of trustworthiness is encouragedContinue reading “The one thing “High Performing Teams” have in common”

The DNA of innovative workplaces

Innovative workplaces consist of high performing teams High performance trusting teams consist of individuals who trust each other and feel safe in each others company. They feel safe to the extent of being vulnerable to share their weakness in the hope that their team members would support team Such an environment helps people work togetherContinue reading “The DNA of innovative workplaces”

Should “Team” just be a group of people?

A team should not just be a group of people who work together. A team is a group of people who trust each other. This forms the basis of high performance “trusting teams” where team members feel safe to express vulnerability. Adopted from Simon Sinek’s book titled “Find Your Why”

What goes into forming “high performing teams”?

Adopted from Simon Sinek’s book titled “The Infinite Game” Trusting teams are those which are based on the foundation of trust.People trust each other , collaboration is a byproduct and people feel free to express their vulnerability. Biologically human beings are hardwired to protect outselves.When we do not feel safe feeling of mistrust results andContinue reading “What goes into forming “high performing teams”?”

The DNA of “high performance teams” – The Simon Sinek Way

The book “Together is Better” by Simon Sinek tells us that human beings by nature love to socialize and try to find like minded individuals “who believe in what they believe”. This has been true right from the caveman times. When like minded people form part of same teams , trust emerges , the synergisticContinue reading “The DNA of “high performance teams” – The Simon Sinek Way”