Great Leaders have the vision to put “Will” Over “Resources”

Great leaders who possess an infinite mindset focus on the long term instead of quick wins in the short term. Investing in Resources over Will seems the most appropriate strategy for a short term oriented finite minded leader in order to show quick wins. A long term oriented mindset focusing on “Will” or people ,Continue reading “Great Leaders have the vision to put “Will” Over “Resources””


Life is NOT a competition , it is an INFINITE GAME where we all are PLAYERS. The only choice that we have is to play with either a FINITE or INFINITE mindset. The following inspirational quote from Simon Sinek summarizes this very fact: “In the GAME of LIFE , we only get ONE choice. OnceContinue reading “Knowing to PLAY the INFINITE GAME of LIFE”

Infinite minded leaders do meticulous succession planning

“The ability to adopt an INFINITE MINDSET is a pre-requisite for any leaders who aspires to leave THEIR organization in BETTER SHAPE than they FOUND it.” Think about Apple , SouthWest , CostCo etc. all of them have been led by such infinite minded leaders Adopted from Simon Sinek’s quotes.

Why “Manipulation” works only in the SHORT TERM?

To get short term benefits and returns “Manipulation” and trickery by means of risk/reward behavior manipulation becomes the strategy of choice for most companies and marketers. As with short cuts this has its own share of pitfalls in the long run.This is because NOT manipulation but INSPIRATION results inĀ  loyalty which results in long termContinue reading “Why “Manipulation” works only in the SHORT TERM?”

Infinite minded players do not fear “Disruption”

The following insightful quote aptly highlights the difference between finite minded and infinite minded players. “Where a FINITE minded player fears things that are NEW or DISRUPTIVE , the INFINITE MINDED player REVELS in them.” Adopted from Simon Sinek’s leadership quotes

Why is it harder to put people over resources?

Will is intangible and entails motivating and inspiring the feelings of people so that they give off their best at the workplace. Resources or profits on the other hand is easier to measure , tangible and relates to the financial metrics that contribute to the health of an organization. Focusing on Resources leads to benefitsContinue reading “Why is it harder to put people over resources?”

The order in which a business communicates responsibility matters

The three pillars of a business’s responsibility are: Advancing a PurposeĀ  Protecting the people involved with the business Generating profits The order of communication of its responsibility separate an infinite minded business from a finite minded business. Adopted from Simon Sinek’s book The Infinite Game

Understanding the responsibility of a business in an infinite game

“The responsibility of a business is to use its will and resources to advance a cause greater than itself , protect the people and places in which it operates and generate more resources so that it can continue doing all those things for as long as possible.” This is the essence of playing an infiniteContinue reading “Understanding the responsibility of a business in an infinite game”

Doing good first and then making money

Well intended finite minded leaders often have the perspective of “making money to do good.” An infinite perspective on service however is : “Doing good first and then making money” The order of information brings out the true intention and separates an infinite minded leader from that of a finite minded leader. Adopted from SimonContinue reading “Doing good first and then making money”