Watch out for leaders and their messages

When a leader issues a communication to a broader audience on behalf of the company their intent or mindset of leading the organization becomes very clear. If the communication prioritizes growth , shareholder value , customer satisfaction , employees in that order it clearly puts “numbers” over “people” which is an indication of a finiteContinue reading “Watch out for leaders and their messages”

Infinite minded leader – Doug Mcmillon

Doug Mcmillon has revived Walmart with his infinite mindset after the dismal period from  2009 and 2013 under Mike Duke. Main reason of revival under Doug Mcmillion is attributed to his infinite mindset and vision of putting people over numbers. Please read below one such great post(source that talks about why he is indeedContinue reading “Infinite minded leader – Doug Mcmillon”

Deciding to lead – Three factors

There are three factors to consider as a leader of a team participating in a game. 1) The leader cannot choose whether the game is finite or infinite 2) The leader has to decide whether to take part in the game or not 3) Once the leader decides to join the fame , he/she hasContinue reading “Deciding to lead – Three factors”

Adopting an “infinite mindset” needs courage

An infinite mindset always thinks of the long run rather than focusing on “low hanging fruits” in the short term. Since this relates to a vision , of something currently non-existential , it comes with its own set of risks. History is witness to the fact that visionary leaders who have adopted an “infinite mindset”Continue reading “Adopting an “infinite mindset” needs courage”

When Doug Parker exhibited the “Courage to Lead”

Doug Parker the CEO of American Airlines wanted to rejuvenate its employees. The mid contract raise of flight attendants and pilots was finally approved. This received a lot of flak from shareholders and Wall Street pundits who were worried that such a strategy would erode the company bottomline. This is an example of an infiniteContinue reading “When Doug Parker exhibited the “Courage to Lead””

What happened when Steve Jobs visited XEROX PARC?

When Steve Jobs and his team at Apple visited Xerox PARC , Palo Alto CA in 1979 they were introduced to the new GUI based concept. Though Apple had made significant investments in command based interface for its Apple PCs , being an infinite minded leader he exercised “Existential Flex” and decided to adopt GUIContinue reading “What happened when Steve Jobs visited XEROX PARC?”

Infinite minded leaders

These are leaders who exhibit the following characteristics: 1) Devoted towards advancement of a “just cause” , through hard work and patience 2) Have the ability to nurture “Trusting Teams” by creating a “Circle of Safety”. 3) Always put “will” before “resources” to create a great organization culture that avoids “ethical fading”. Simon Sinek mentionsContinue reading “Infinite minded leaders”