Are you struggling with your PERSUASIVE skills?This should do the trick ..

Adopted from the following great insight shared by Simon Sinek from his book Together is Better “The MIND can be CONVINCED.The HEART must be WON.”

A beautiful quote that encourages us to overcome the resistance of limbic brain

Adopted from Seth Godin’s great marketing quotes.. “One part of your brain worries about survival and anger and lust. The rest of it creates civilization.”

How this great quote very aptly summarizes the working of our limbic brain?

The limbic brain of human beings does not have the ability to interpret language. It can only understand signals for e.g. love , trust , fear , emotion and is often know as the “devil” for its inherent characteristic to fear any change to status quo. The following quote from Simon Sinek tells us howContinue reading “How this great quote very aptly summarizes the working of our limbic brain?”

Winning “minds” or “hearts” – Which is more difficult?

The HEART represents the LIMBIC or EMOTIONAL brain which does not have power to interpret language.It can only understand signals. MIND represents the RATIONAL BRAIN the part that understands reason and logic for e.g – comparison of features in a product and associated benefits. This is why WINNING HEARTS is much more difficult , needsContinue reading “Winning “minds” or “hearts” – Which is more difficult?”

Role of “rider” & “elephant” in influencing change

The rider or the rational brain analyzes situation and provides the necessary direction to influence change. The elephant or the emotional limbic brain understands only signals and provides the passion to influence change. Thus for change to be driven both the “rider” and “elephant” need to be influenced with the necessary arousal to complement eachContinue reading “Role of “rider” & “elephant” in influencing change”