Scientifically driving change , in 3 steps

Adopted from the book titled “Switch” from Chip and Dan Heath. Three 3 steps to drive change are: 1) Direct the Rider – The rational brain referred to as the “Rider” needs to a crystal clear direction to be able to drive change 2)Motivate the elephant – Engaging the emotional limbic brain of humans thatContinue reading “Scientifically driving change , in 3 steps”

The power of “social bonds”

Human beings right from the caveman times have been social animals.It is the inherent ability of human beings to form social bonds that makes socialization so much fulfilling. In the modern age of social media , virtual reality we come across virtual friends.Though good for  “short term happiness” yet in the absence of “face toContinue reading “The power of “social bonds””

The magic “credibility” can do to our brain

Neuroscience has proven the fact that human brain naturally gets relaxed when we listen to people who have a lot of credibility. This would mean listening to people whose opinion we naturally trust and who are “go to” people in terms of advise. When we listen to such people , our own thought process stopsContinue reading “The magic “credibility” can do to our brain”