The power of “social bonds”

Human beings right from the caveman times have been social animals.It is the inherent ability of human beings to form social bonds that makes socialization so much fulfilling.

In the modern age of social media , virtual reality we come across virtual friends.Though good for  “short term happiness” yet in the absence of “face to face” connect the social bonding is felt missing in such kind of relationships.

This is hardly surprising since social bonding is closely intertwined with our very existence.We feel comfortable in the midst of trustworthy groups.This is how organizations , societies , countries and civilizations have been formed over the years.The common thread being social bonds among a like minded group of people.

This is a biological constant as well.While we form social bonds and feel comfortable among trustworthy people , the neurotransmitter named “oxytocin” flows in our veins and gives us fulfillment.This results only during “face to face”/”in person” interactions thus necessitating such kind of communication as opposed to virtual communication.

Thus considering the fact that  social media is reaching menacing proportions , it is indeed time to take stock of the situation and realize the importance of social bonds , face to face communication in order to achieve long term fulfillment.






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