Why a “Just Cause” is like a “War of Independence”

A “Just Cause” as mentioned by Simon Sinek in “The Infinite Game” is the vision espoused by the infinite minded leader to enable an organization to sustain in the infinite game. A just cause needs to be deeply personal to those who hear it and for those who espouse it.The more personal the message isContinue reading “Why a “Just Cause” is like a “War of Independence””

“Moon shots” do come with an expiration date

Moon shots are bold inspiring finite goals within the “Infinite Game” not instead of the infinite game. When John Kennedy had inspired the citizens of USA by proposing the “Landing on Moon” challenge , he offered an infinite context for the finite objective. His message said: “We set sail on the new sea because thereContinue reading ““Moon shots” do come with an expiration date”

Risks associated with product centered vision statements

Vision statements that place product at the center of the vision are only useful as long as nothing better comes along , there is no deviation in market conditions and there in no disruptive technology that is invented. This thus makes a lot of finite minded assumptions which renders the product extinct in a scenarioContinue reading “Risks associated with product centered vision statements”

Why CSR is not same as “A Just Cause”?

A company cannot be cause driven just because of charitable grants as part of its CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility). No amount of CSR should be able to offset the excessive finite focus the company may be having. A CSR should be part of a broader strategy to advance the “Just Cause”.The way a company makes moneyContinue reading “Why CSR is not same as “A Just Cause”?”

Fulfillment in our lives

Simon Sinek in his book titled “Together is Better” highlights the following to mention when we humans truly feel fulfilled. He says that most of us live our lives by accident ,doing jobs to make both ends meet while not necessarily liking the jobs that we do. Truly fulfillment comes when we live our livesContinue reading “Fulfillment in our lives”

Hiring tip used by great organizations

“Hire for culture and you can always teach the skills later” – Simon Sinek All such organizations have a vision that would aim towards advancing a just cause larger than the organization itself. Once employees are aligned with the culture they would give their blood sweat and tear.

What makes a “Just Cause” a necessity in an infinite game

A “just cause”as defined by Simon Sinek in “The Infinite Game” is a specific vision of the future state that does not yet exist; a future state so appealing that people are willing to make sacrifices in order to help advance toward that vision. Such a vision aims at benefits for others in mind withoutContinue reading “What makes a “Just Cause” a necessity in an infinite game”

A vision should be “for” rather than “against” something

A message crafted with an “against” in mind is reactive , is about vilifying , demonizing or rejecting.This thus more often than not would convey a demotivating negative message. As against this a message crafted with a “for” in mind is about feeling inspired , ignites the hunan spirit and makes us feel optimistic andContinue reading “A vision should be “for” rather than “against” something”

Winning a finite game no more than a “dopamine” shot

A finite game is one where players are fixed , rules are fixed and time is limited. “Winning” matters in a finite game and as a result finite games are played by players led by finite minded leaders.Winning is for the short term and is hardly able to stand the test of time.The effect isContinue reading “Winning a finite game no more than a “dopamine” shot”

Watch out for leaders and their messages

When a leader issues a communication to a broader audience on behalf of the company their intent or mindset of leading the organization becomes very clear. If the communication prioritizes growth , shareholder value , customer satisfaction , employees in that order it clearly puts “numbers” over “people” which is an indication of a finiteContinue reading “Watch out for leaders and their messages”