What makes STORYTELLING such an unique ART?

The following self help and motivational insight has been adopted from Malcolm Gladwell’s inspiring quote “We have, as human beings, a storytelling problem. We’re a bit too quick to come up with explanations for things we don’t really have an explanation for”

This is why the “18 minute rule” of presentations help

Adopted from the following great insight shared by Carmine Gallo on presentation skills and storytelling tips.. The following insight is about the 18 minute rule of TED presentations and highlights the benefits of sticking to this regime.. “The 18-minute rule isn’t simply a good exercise to learn discipline. It’s critical to avoid overloading your audience.Continue reading “This is why the “18 minute rule” of presentations help”

Any presentation with overuse of bullet points eventually sinks , this is why

Adopted from the following great insight shared by Carmine Gallo on presentation skills and storytelling tips.. “New research into cognitive functioning—how the brain works—proves that bullet points are the least effective way to deliver important information. Neuro-scientists are finding that what passes as a typical presentation is usually the worst way to engage your audience.”

Be a Passionate presenter first , Passionate listeners will follow

Adopted from Carmine Gallo’s great insights on presentations and storytelling tips , which highlights that even spreading of passion is science.. “Science shows that passion is contagious, literally. You cannot inspire others unless you are inspired yourself. You stand a much greater chance of persuading and inspiring your listeners if you express an enthusiastic, passionate,Continue reading “Be a Passionate presenter first , Passionate listeners will follow”

All compelling presentations involve these 7 aspects

Carmine Gallo’s following 7 tips can go a long way in transforming ordinary presentations into compelling presentations.. The following are his 7 tips adopted from(https://www.carminegallo.com/7-presentation-tips-will-turn-presentation-competitive-advantage/)can go a long way in improving presentations , in order to engage with the audience in a better manner.. Build the story before the slides. Set the main theme earlyContinue reading “All compelling presentations involve these 7 aspects”

Storytelling tips from “Long Story Short”

Some of the points I found very helpful from Margot Leitman’s Long Story Short. 1) There is no need to explicit explain the moral of your story to the audience 2) What is most important is that the story should move the audience 3) Trying to control audience reaction and feelings is impossible 4)It isContinue reading “Storytelling tips from “Long Story Short””

Storytelling tips for the day

The following tips from Margot Leitman , in storytelling , are the tips of the day.This is from the book titled “Long Story Short”. Importance of an universal theme – Unless Your Tale contains a Universal Theme , it is best left with your therapist or your best friend. Trick us into listening by makingContinue reading “Storytelling tips for the day”

Long Story Short tips for the day

Storytelling tips for the day from the book “Long Story Short” by Margot Leitman. 1) Revealing Vulnerable Moments from our Everyday lives almost always pays off 2)Find the Recurring Theme in your life , use it and go deeper 3) Take a close look at your QUIRKS , take a close look , they mayContinue reading “Long Story Short tips for the day”