Vulnerability is NOT just another feeling

Trusting teams are characterized by people who feel safe to express vulnerability and hence feel psychologically safe with each other.This is the reason why Trusting Teams are high performing teams.. Adopted from the following quote of Simon Sinek highlights that Vulnerability is indeed a special feeling.. “There is a difference between vulnerability and telling peopleContinue reading “Vulnerability is NOT just another feeling”

These are few of the traits for High Performing teams

High Performing Teams are ones associated with innovation and creativity based organizations with the following as the key themes: These are teams with very High Trust Quotient The Team members feel psychologically safe with one another The team members revel in each other’s company and stand up for each other The team members have theContinue reading “These are few of the traits for High Performing teams”

Members in Trusting teams are courageous

Adopted from Simon Sinek’s book Together is Better In trusting teams , members feel safe to express vulnerability because they feel psychologically safe to express their feeling to one another. The following quote from Simon Sinek on courage sums it all as the basic ingredient ingrained in the nature of such team members: “TRUE STRENGTHContinue reading “Members in Trusting teams are courageous”

This is a big truth about High Performance teams

High Performance teams are Trusting teams who have trustworthy individuals high on emotional quotient. These are the main components of a trusting team that makes us realize why these are high performing teams: Members fearlessly are open to express vulnerability Members hugely trust each other The group shares the suffering Adopted from Simon Sinek’s bookContinue reading “This is a big truth about High Performance teams”

Willingness to express vulnerability

Adopted from Simon Sinek’s book titled “The Infinite Game” Trusting teams are those where the members feel safe under an infinite minded leader.Collaboration is the key snd the members are willing to give their blood , sweat and tear to advance a just cause. When members work in Trusting Teams , they feel safe toContinue reading “Willingness to express vulnerability”