Characteristics of a work culture led by finite minded leaders

Organizations led by finite minded leaders are characterized by work environments where people are pitted against one another to meet short term quarterly targets. These are leaders who give the utmost importance to performers who are high on IQ even if they are not team players and lack EQ. Such an environment is prone toContinue reading “Characteristics of a work culture led by finite minded leaders”

Components of Work Culture

Build a Work Culture based on trust takes a lot of doing. It starts by creating a space in which people feel comfortable and safe to be themselves. Work Culture has the following two primary components: Value system behavior Realizing these two components are the building blocks of a company work culture can help anContinue reading “Components of Work Culture”

How to create a work environment with “Intrinsically Motivated” people

The need of the hour is intrinsically motivated Type I people who are adept at doing “right brain” oriented work in the best possible. The following three principles when adopted in a workplace ensures the nurturing of such intrinsically motivated people. Create an environment where people feel good to participate and feel engaged Give peopleContinue reading “How to create a work environment with “Intrinsically Motivated” people”

Why Companies with a strong sense of WHY , are top performers?

Companies with a STRONG SENSE of WHY are able to INSPIRE their EMPLOYEES. These employees are more PRODUCTIVE and INNOVATIVE and the feeling they bring to WORK attracts other people eager to work there as well. When people inside a company know WHY they come to work , people outside the company are vastly moreContinue reading “Why Companies with a strong sense of WHY , are top performers?”

How to create a “work culture” where truth is “heard”?

Creating such a culture involves four basic practices: 1) Leading with questions , not answers 2) Engage in dialogue and debate not coercion 3) Conduct autopsies without blame 4) Build RED FLAG mechanisms that TURN information into the information that cannot be ignored Adopted from Jim Collins’s book Good to Great

Weak culture vs Strong Culture

“A culture is STRONG when people work with each other , FOR each other. As opposed to this , a culture is WEAK when people work AGAINST each other for themselves” Adopted from Simon Sinek great leadership quotes