“Why Discovery for Individuals” – Steps

Find Your Why” is Simon Sinek’s follow up to the best seller named “Start with Why“.

This book teaches individuals as well as groups to find out their respective WHYs in their lives.

In this blog we will focus on a high level overview of the why discovery related to individuals.

Finding our WHY is the recipe to achieve fulfillment in our lives. This in turn would enable “Oxytocin“(the fulfillment chemical) to flow through our veins. Once we realize our WHY we can channelize our energies in the right direction to unleash our best in our personal lives as well as work lives.This would enable us to lead a life free of depression wherein we would try and make ourselves a better version of ourselves rather than comparing ourselves with the rest of the pack.

Realization of WHY cannot happen in silos and would need the help of our acquaintance(s) who are willing to help us and give constructive feedback. This process would take anything between 6 minutes to 6 hours.

Finding an acquaintance with child like inquisitiveness , one who is a great listener who knows the importance of realizing a WHY is the first most important step  to be taken by an individual in order to realize the WHY.

In Summary this process would involve the following steps:

  1. Find an acquaintance who can provide unbiased feedback. The person should have the ability to ask open ended questions and should be a great listener.
  2. The individual whose WHY needs to be discovered should be able to SHARE ALL STORIES that can help bring out important themes and patterns from them. These stories and related facts can be unraveled by asking open ended questions and assimilating all important findings that emanate from the stories.
  3. IDENTIFICATION of THEMES from these stories is needed in order to zero in on the WHY of an individual.
  4. All the identified themes from the shared stories would be able to connect the dots and form a WHY statement in the following format:

          TO___________________________________(this blank is related to the contribution of the individual towards the lives of others around him/her) SO THAT______________________(this blank is related to the impact produced by the contribution)

This is a very high level overview of the WHY discovery of individuals especially for those who have not had the privilege of reading “START WITH WHY” and “FIND YOUR WHY”.To me these books are quintessential for individuals who want to soul search and find a meaning for themselves in their lives in order to make a meaningful contribution to the society.

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