Leadership lessons for the day – Simon Sinek

Simon Sinek’s Together is Better is a leadership masterclass. The following have been adopted from the book: 1) Leadership is an education.The best leaders think themselves as students and not teachers 2) A star wants to see himself rise to the top. A leader wants to see those around him become stars. 3) A leaderContinue reading “Leadership lessons for the day – Simon Sinek”

SHELL URSA and role of trusting teams

Simon Sinek in his book titled “The Infinite Game” makes a mention of SHELL URSA and highlights  how as a result of having trusting team members the audacious project could turn into a grand success. Shell URSA initiative was to drill as deep as three thousand feet below ocean level to extract oil.Not only wasContinue reading “SHELL URSA and role of trusting teams”

How “WHY” is different from “Just Cause”

Simon Sinek who introduced the concept of WHY , has very aptly mentioned the difference between WHY and “Just Cause”(One of the pre-requisite for Infinite mindset) in his wonderful book titled “The Infinite Game”. WHY gives a sense of purpose in our lives whereas a “Just Cause” is the vision which we move towards toContinue reading “How “WHY” is different from “Just Cause””

Human evolution vis-a-vis the changing role of human brain

Daniel Pink touches upon this aspect in great details in his book “A Whole New Mind” Human civilisation in developed economies has moved on through the following stages: Agricultural Age-> Industrial Age-> Information(Knowledge Worker) Age-> Conceptual Age The role of left brain and hence L Brain Thinking which defines IQ held prominence till the InformationContinue reading “Human evolution vis-a-vis the changing role of human brain”

What does it take to be a “LinchPin”

Recently I had the honor of reading Seth Godin’s book named “The Linchpin”. The book is inspiring to the core and explains how linchpins find it very difficult to survive in stable , banal & process oriented factory environments. For ages , the factory model of working , where there would be a factory owner(owingContinue reading “What does it take to be a “LinchPin””