Eric Barker’s 6 rules for ethics driven success

Eric Barker in “Barking Up the Wrong Tree” zeros in on the 6 rules to success after providing very interesting insights around learning trustworthiness from the successful criminal group of “sea pirates ” as well as “jail gangs”.

Listed below are the 6 points –

1) Choosing the right pond – By gauging one’s own ability , we need to judge the correct work environment for ourselves.If we choose a wrong environment we will imbibe the negativity of the work environment and that would drag us down.

2) Cooperate First -First impression that we should give when faced with an unknown environment is of cooperation.We should give others an impression that we are friendly and approachable.

3) Being Selfless is not Saintly , its Silly – It is never goid to always say YES ,come what the situation.This will make others take such a person for a ride.Taking a stand does matter at times.

4) Work Hard – Working hard does matter but it is equally important to inform the people who matter about our hard work to get desired results.

5) Think Long term and makes other think long term – Thinking about long term and making others realise the same builds trust and cooperation leading to a positive , creative environment.

6) Forgive – Practice forgiveness tk reduce stress , strain and engage better.


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