Major differences between the two neurotransmitters – “Dopamine” vs “Oxytocin”

Human brain is a very complex system associated with flow of some very important neurotransmitters that influence our mood swings on a day to day basis.

When we feel happy for ourselves , for our sole benefit without absolutely no relationship to others , the neurotransmitter named “dopamine” flows.This is why it is sometimes called “selfish chemical.”

When we feel good by doing good to others , we feel a sense of fulfillment which is a basic biological constant for human beings since we are social animals to the core.This is why “oxytocin” is “selfless” & has been known to reduce stress and increase immunity.

Though not inherent to us , doing good to others being “go givers” as opposed to “go getters” is the way forward for leading healthy lives.

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