“Filtered” vs “Unfiltered” leaders

Eric Barker in his book “Barking Up the Wrong Tree” makes a mention of these category of leaders.

When playing by the book is expected , environment is stable & predictable and where a franework is already in place the leaders who are best suited to take charge and steer a ship are known as “Filtered Leaders”.Generally these are ones who have played by the rules and secured good grades in school & colleges.

When the path is known and circumstances predictables nothing can stop these leaders from making a mark.

The trouble happens when the environment is chaotic no precedents are in place and the path is unclear.This is when you need leaders who are creative.By means of their controlled insanity & weirdness they are able to craft a future iut of no where since they are used to thinking out of the box & taking risks.These are “Unfiltered leaders”.






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