How to make best use of our “signature strengths”

Eric Barker in hos book Barking Up the Wrong Tree makes a mention of Harvard Professor Gautam Mukund and his two pronged rule to help a leader gauge as to which context he/she fits in.

Signature Strengths” are innate strengths that an individual possesses and any work based on such strengths gives fulfillment and happiness.

The two rules cited by Mukunda are as follows:

1) Know yourself – Knowing oneself is if prine importance to gauge the “signature strengths”

2) Be in the right pond – Gauging which conext is best suited for a leader is very important.A “filtered” leader who plats by the book thrives on predictable contexts ₹ situations.Whereas a “Unfiltered” leader is a maverick an hates predictability.

Gauging ones capabilities helps make better job choices as well.

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