Generosity leads to fulfillment

Serving those who serve others by showing generosity leads to fulfillment in our lives.

Simon Sinek narrates his experience of getting stuck up in Afghanistan , after having lost all hopes of returning back to his home.

During that moment of hopelessness he like ordinary humans became obsessed with his own goals and forgot about the principles of leadership he energizes people with.

This real life experience when his back was against the wall , leading up to the magical realization that dawned on him , is a true treat for people who are seeking inspiration and motivation.

The very fact that serving those who serve others can act as a panacea and result in fulfillment is something that Simon realized through his life experience and is sure to inspire more and more of his followers.

For those who have not yet watched this video of Simon Sinek , this is a must watch.

Please listen to this video very carefully and would have witnessed something extra special.

Pile on motivation!!


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