When leaders compromise work culture for meeting priorities

Finite minded leaders with a bias towards “resources” before “will” willingly adjust their cultures to meet their priorities. People are pitted against each other in such a low trust work culture which can eventually lead to ethical fading. Adopted from Simon Sinek’s book The Infinite Game

What does a prognosis of “ethical fading” lead to?

“The postmortem after any scandal or case of ethical fading nearly always reveals a failure of leadership in creating a trust based work culture.” Adopted from Simon Sinek’s book The Infinite Game

Building a “ethical fading” proof culture

Infinite minded leaders accept that creating a culture that is more resistant to ethical fading requires patience and hard work. It requires devotion to a cause , a bias for will before resources and the ability to nurture Trusting teams. Adopted from Simon Sinek’s book titled “The Infinite Game”

What happens when we solve a ethical fading problem with a finite mindset?

Ethical fading happens in workplaces led by an finite mindset where people are pitted against each other.When profits are put before people , people resort to unethical means to strive in such environments. The irony is that in such workplaces plagued by ethical fading , adopting a finite mindset to solve the problem has aContinue reading “What happens when we solve a ethical fading problem with a finite mindset?”

Rescuing an organization plagued by “ethical fading”

Ethical fading is a condition in the culture that allows people to act in unethical ways in order to advance their own interests often at the expense of others while falsely believing that they have not compromised their own moral principles. Organizations that are run with a finite mindset where people are pitted against eachContinue reading “Rescuing an organization plagued by “ethical fading””

Most major reasons for “ethical fading”

Ethical fading is most often observed in non-trusting teams and work environments where people are pitted against each other by finite minded leaders who encourage such an environment. The organization’s toxic conditions and unethical behavior spoils the work environment and entices the human rational mind to justify acts related to “ethical fading” Adopted from SimonContinue reading “Most major reasons for “ethical fading””

Organizations susceptible to “Ethical fading”

Leaders with a finite mindset put numbers and profits over people. In an organization or culture where people are pitted against each other , in order to meet performance targets even the most talented of people can indulge in unethical practices to meet targets. Thus such kind of organizations which are run with a finiteContinue reading “Organizations susceptible to “Ethical fading””

When ethics fade and culture erodes

Short term finite mindset leadership can result in ethical fading as well as erosion of organization culture.People lack trust , feel unsafe and hide information in the hope of benefits. Frequent use of such tactics can lead to long lasting detrimental results for the organization as a whole. In order to revive an organization backContinue reading “When ethics fade and culture erodes”

Infinite minded leaders

These are leaders who exhibit the following characteristics: 1) Devoted towards advancement of a “just cause” , through hard work and patience 2) Have the ability to nurture “Trusting Teams” by creating a “Circle of Safety”. 3) Always put “will” before “resources” to create a great organization culture that avoids “ethical fading”. Simon Sinek mentionsContinue reading “Infinite minded leaders”