“Progressive Insurance” – a first of its kind

Progressive Insurance under the able 10X leadership of Peter Lewis became the first publicly held company to report underwriting results monthly.This was way back in 2001. This was not only against conventional wisdom , it was a step that went a long way in making “Progressive’s” reporting processes much more transparent to Wall Street investors.Continue reading ““Progressive Insurance” – a first of its kind”

“Empiricism” over “Analysis” or vice versa?

10X leaders are characterized by unique traits that enable them to stand tall when the chips are down. Following conventional wisdom when the tide is rough is not something that can help someone stand out of the rest of the pack. Hence 10X leaders be it Andy Grove of Intel or Ronald Amundsen who conqueredContinue reading ““Empiricism” over “Analysis” or vice versa?”

“Avoiding conventional wisdom” during uncertain times

Social psychology research dictates that during times of uncertainty we should look up to experts as to how to proceed in the best possible manner. The pattern of all 10X leaders be it Peter Lewis of Progressive Insurance , Herb Kelleher of SWA , suggests that during uncertain times they did not do what theContinue reading ““Avoiding conventional wisdom” during uncertain times”

What goes into “Fanatic discipline” ?

Fanatic discipline is one of the 4 facets manifested by 10X high performing leaders as mentioned by Jim Collins in his book “Great by Choice” Discipline in essence means consistency in action , with respect to: 1) Consistency with values 2) Consistency with long term goals 3) Consistency with perfomance standards 4) Consistency of methodContinue reading “What goes into “Fanatic discipline” ?”

What does 10X leadership entail?

10X leadership a term coined by Jim Collins in his book titled “Great By Choice” is a term used to understand how some leaders are able to give their organizations 10 times more growth than others , given the same environmental conditions. The four defining qualities of such leaders are: 1)Fanatic Discipline – These keepsContinue reading “What does 10X leadership entail?”