Organizations working towards a “just cause”

Organizations that work for the advancement of a just cause , work towards a vision that is expected to be realized in future which if realized can advance society at large. Such kind of vision makes monetary & short term benefits irrelevant.In such organizations people like their work but most importantly love their jobs sinceContinue reading “Organizations working towards a “just cause””

Importance of a just cause in an infinite game

Just cause is a vision which has not been realized but a cause that is worthy enough for believers to even be ready to sacrifice their lives. The goal of an infinite fame is not to win but to keep playing for the future realization of something bigger than ourselves. Hence the importance of theContinue reading “Importance of a just cause in an infinite game”

Why a finite leadership mindset is addictive?

Though the game of business is infinite , there has been a rise of leaders with a finite mindset trying to run the show in the game of business. A finite mindset which results in quick short term gains often comes at the sacrifice of employee benefits and empathy. Terms such as “Number one inContinue reading “Why a finite leadership mindset is addictive?”

Shortcomings of a finite leadership mindset

According to McKinsey , the average longevity of a S&P 500 firm has been steadily decreasing from an average of 61 years to 18 years. The primary reason for this has been attributed to a leader’s shift in mindset from infinite to finite. The moment quarterly numbers become topmost priority , shortcuts like employee layoffsContinue reading “Shortcomings of a finite leadership mindset”