The difference between “Hiring for Compliance” vs “Hiring for engagement”

Finite minded companies who think in terms of short term goals or targets invest on profit/resources over profits..These are workplaces wherein people are pitted against one another and collaboration or emotional quotient is given least significance.All they demand is efficient workers who are able to exhibit compliance As against this infinite minded organizations are drivenContinue reading “The difference between “Hiring for Compliance” vs “Hiring for engagement””

This is why investing in people gives long term results

Adopted from the following great quote of Simon Sinek “When people are financially invested, they want a return. When people are emotionally invested, they want to contribute.”

What happens when leaders exercise their bias towards Resources before Will

Short sighted , performance focused , finite minded leaders exercise their bias towards Resources before Will and are WILLING to adjust their CULTURES to meet their PRIORITIES. Such an infinite mindset where people are pitted against each other to meet short term targets , lacks trust and gives rise to unethical practices followed by individualsContinue reading “What happens when leaders exercise their bias towards Resources before Will”

These are the ways to arrest “Ethical Fading”

Time is witness to the fact that after the departure of a revolutionary leader , there have been multiple scenarios wherein advent of a finite minded leader has spoiled a company’s culture. Take the case of John Sculley for Apple , Steve Ballmer for Microsoft , Kevin Rollins for Dell —– examples galore. The infiniteContinue reading “These are the ways to arrest “Ethical Fading””

Putting people over resources needs courage

Resources generally come outside resources like customers or resources which fuels business growth Will in contrast is intangible and consists of feelings that people brings to work. Nurturing the will of people to make them capable of taking care of resources takes courage since this long term oriented as against the other way around AdoptedContinue reading “Putting people over resources needs courage”

“Will” or “Resources” which is easier to control?

In an infinite game of business “will” relates to human metrices for e.g inspiration , motivation , trust etc. Whereas “resources” refer to profit , revenues etc. Needlessly to say “resources” depend on external factors like customers , shareholders and are not in the control of a leader. What is internal to an organization andContinue reading ““Will” or “Resources” which is easier to control?”

When Doug Parker exhibited the “Courage to Lead”

Doug Parker the CEO of American Airlines wanted to rejuvenate its employees. The mid contract raise of flight attendants and pilots was finally approved. This received a lot of flak from shareholders and Wall Street pundits who were worried that such a strategy would erode the company bottomline. This is an example of an infiniteContinue reading “When Doug Parker exhibited the “Courage to Lead””

Infinite minded leaders

These are leaders who exhibit the following characteristics: 1) Devoted towards advancement of a “just cause” , through hard work and patience 2) Have the ability to nurture “Trusting Teams” by creating a “Circle of Safety”. 3) Always put “will” before “resources” to create a great organization culture that avoids “ethical fading”. Simon Sinek mentionsContinue reading “Infinite minded leaders”