The need of an infinite game mindset

Infinite vs finite game mindset

Simon Sinek’s Infinite Game outlines the need of possessing an infinite mindset in leading our day-to-day lives. This is irrespective of the context be it work or family. Outlined below is a comparison between the two kinds of mindset and the benefits of an infinite mindset.

Finite mindset Infinite mindset
Focus is on the short term Focus is on the long term
Focus is on “Me” Focus is on “Us”
Not achieving expected results leads to stress , anxiety , loss of trust The mindset focuses on betterment of oneself. The focus is to make oneself better by the day.
The focus is on beating the competition The focus is on making a better version of oneself without being fussy about competition
Focus on short term oriented results does not lead to any long term benefits to society Leads to socially beneficial effects
This kind of mindset never leaves a legacy behind Focus is on leaving behind a legacy which can transcend generations