How to stimulate left & right brain thinking?

Motivators to stimulate Left & Right Brain thinking

Our human brain has two hemispheres , the left and the right.

The left brain is used to perform complex calculations , analysis of various algorithms and many such kind of work that do not need any form of conceptual or macro level thinking.

Such kind of micro level analysis & thinking thus are mainly for the short term.Hence in order to stimulate left brain thinking for better short term gains , reward/punishment monetary benefits act as great motivational drivers.

The right brain though is mainly used to connect the dots.It is used for conceptual thinking driven by creativity. Work needing autonomy and creativity needs intrinsic motivation as the driver and hence to stimulate right brain thinking short term rewards e.g. monetary benefits do not work.

Non monetary drivers that encourage autonomy & creativity serve as the perfect recipe for success when it comes to stimulating right brain thinking.

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