How to tactfully apply motivational principles to encourage both “Left & “Right brain” work?

For left brain , dreary , routine bound work ideally Carrot and Stick based motivation has been historically used to drive results..

IF-THEN awards for giving the necessary behavior and punishment by prohibiting non compliance has been very successful in the age of industrial revolution.

Now that we know that in the modern age of creativity and innovation , “Right Brain” work needs to be stimulated by means of intrinsic motivational techniques.The primary focus of such a technique is autonomy , mastery and a sense of purpose.

Daniel Pink in his book Drive has gone a step further and mentioned that Motivation 3.0 can be applied to routine bound work as well by being transparent about the kind of work , the end goal that is desired and preferably shifting from IF-THEN to NOW-THAT rewards with sufficient in person praise and feedback.


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