Different ways to do “Deep Work” – Cal Newport book takeaways

In “Deep Work” by Cal Newport , the author mentions the following notable techniques to practice the philosophy of “deep work” to create something magical in the modern day economy.

  1. Monastic method – This is a fully reclusive way of practicing “deep work” wherein the person practicing deep work cuts off all modes of distraction in the form of social media , emails , phone calls etc. and remains completely aloof to create something magical for e.g. great authors
  2. Bimodal method – This is very difficult wherein the person practicing deep work switches between two modes – One “deep work” being completely detached from distraction and the other is the commonplace shallow mode wherein he/she socializes with friends followers to keep himself/herself motivated to go into a reclusive mode for creating something magical.

Depending on the nature of a person , any of these modes must be followed.



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