“Deep Work” by Cal Newport – Key Takeaways

“Deep Work” by Cal Newport is very illuminating and goes a long way in communicating the value of “deep work” as against distraction led shallow work in the form of social media posts , frequent emails , phone calls etc.

The messages conveyed in this book would act as an eye opener to the new age millennial who is addicted to the social media.

To me the best part in “deep work” is the importance attached to “oligodendrocytes”.These are highly specialized neural cells whose function is to myelinate neurons and keep an individual focused.

“Deep work”, Cal Newport says. stimulates oligodendrocytes to help an individual stay focused and concentrate towards creating something magical. All examples of celebrities for e.g Carl Jung , Bill Gates who have spend a considerable amount of time in isolation goes to show by a long way that true creativity can be nurtured only in isolation free from the distraction of social media , emails , phone calls etc.

Hence the need in the modern economy to be precious and create something magical is to regularly practice the art of “deep work” as against distraction led shallow work.



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