Extending Parenting to Leadership

The following two videos of Simon teach all of us wonderful lessons related to leadership. My key leadership related takeaways have been summarized below.




Parenting and leadership are similar and require empathy and understanding. Just like a parent cannot do away with a child who is going through a tough time and cannot ask others to adopt him/her, a leader cannot just like that chuck an underperforming employee without showing empathy and understanding the root cause of underperformance. Empathy and understanding are core qualities of a motivational leader. Most Ladies possess care, empathy, and understanding as innate qualities and hence ladies as leaders can do a great job in being motivational leaders to make work places better place to work in

As part of leadership qualities, find those who believe in what you believe since trust will automatically emerge when such a team is found. All this means is that we are guided by symbols when we try to find similar kinds of people, the only problem is that this way of forming a group is not scalable and needs insight and acumen. At the essence of this logic is the fact that as human beings we are still social animals and have an inherent need to socialize.

When we build a team we should remember that the definition of a community, country when extended to a company or team have the commonality in that all of these are a set of people with common values and beliefs, hence people will always want to work in a place where leaders believe in what they believe for a better fitment.

Leadership also needs understanding as to whether we are engaging in finite games or infinite games. Leadership strategies are going to be different based on the games that we are playing. An inspirational leader in a space where finite games are being played is a misfit since such an environment needs micromanagers who would cater to short term targets. Inspirational managers when engage in infinite games would be able to get the best out of their team by spreading motivation since such an environment needs creativity.

Leadership because of power gives necessary advantages and facilities but that is only because of position. The facilities that are associated with a leader comes at a cost to protect all under you like a parent take risks to handhold their kids. A motivational leader is one who is not carried away by position hence even after surrendering their position people look up to them with loads of respect.

Pile on motivation!!!!





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