Five principles to adopt an Infinite Mindset

Five Principles to adopt an Infinite Mindset

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What principles define how you live?

There are five principles that define the life I live by adopting an Infinite Mindset.

  1. Advance a Just CAUSE which acts as a GUIDING STAR for motivating myself.
  2. Constant endeavor to build trust at home and workplace wherein people feel psychologically safe in my company
  3. Respect , study and be prepared to learn from Worthy Rivals to keep playing the infinite game more effectively
  4. Avoid complacency & Prepare for Existential Flex which is run time disruption at a time things are going well. This helps me course correct as needed.
  5. Demonstrate the Courage to Lead

All these principles have been inspired from Simon Sinek’s work in his book The Infinite Game.

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