How is a “moonshot” different than “just cause”

“Moonshot” associates  Kennedy’s inspirational arousal of his countrymen towards the audacious vision of human landing on moon.This Apollo mission was thought of as something that would be a new beginning for mankind and seemed like a then impossible mission.This is what inspired Neil Armstrong and fellow astronauts in making this as reality.

Though this was indeed a game changer and a very proud moment for mankind , the effort was short lived and could not stand the test of time.This is where “moonshot” is different from a “just cause”.

A just cause on the other hand is infinite in nature.It articulates an inspirational vision that seems attainable but the more  we move towards the target the destination seems further & further away.It is the vision that keeps the followers engaged to continue playing the infinite game from generation to generation thus helping to leave a legacy behind at each phase.

So while drafting a mission statement having a “just cause” we should not confuse a “moonshot” for a “just cause” and clearly realize the differences to inspire more and more people.