Over customization has sounded the death knell for the beautiful game named cricket

Cricket of the modern day is a far cry from the past days where in there used to be equal competition between the batsmen and bowlers. For cricket lovers of the 80’s or 90’s or even early 2000’s, modern day cricket would be difficult to digest with the absence of any world beating legendary bowler.

All these eras had amazing batsmen and equally potent and capable bowlers to give them a run for their money. This is why cricket was so enchanting because a victory for the batsmen or bowlers would not come cheap.

If you take the clock a little back to 2007, advent of T20’s (a new and intelligent form of commercializing the game by customizing it to get quick money) has led to the death of great bowlers. Modern day cricket has a lot of entertaining batsmen, finishers which is evident in an era where in cricket has become a game for batters.

Thanks to T20’s, and because of its shortened duration, spectators nowadays shell out money to see the big shots and grounds men needless to say oblige for the interest of cheap entertainment. As a result of this customization of the game, not only has test cricket lost its sheen nor do we any longer remain glued to our seats to watch battles like Tendulkar v/s McGrath, Tendulkar v/s Akram, Tendulkar v/s Warne, Brian Lara v/s McGrath, Michael Atherton v/s Donald.

None of contemporary games like tennis, soccer to name a few have customized or played around with the format for cheap popularity and hence have stood the test of time. This is why we still have legends like Federer, Nadal to compete with greats of yesteryears like McEnroe, Sampras to name a few. Soccer still produces Messi’s, Ronaldo’s who can take on any legend of the yesteryears like Maradona or a Pele.

It is high time for cricket authorities to take stalk of things and make the game worthy enough to start producing good quality bowlers to regain the lost prestige by bringing in more competition between bat and ball. If this happens and India wins , then only we should be in a position to even think of comparing modern day greats like Kohli’s with Tendulkar’s and Dhoni’s with Gilchrist’s.

Let’s all hope against hope to get back the Akrams’ , Tendulkars’ , Laras’ , Mcgraths’ in the modern day game as well.

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