Riding the digital wave by taming the mind is the need of the hour for IT professionals

In this age of digital disruption ,  especially in a knowledge worker age reskilling oneself in digital technologies is the way to go for an IT professional.

Rather than cribbing about having to unlearn old things to learn new technologies ,  tuning of the mind is needed to make oneself believe that “Yes I can.” Trending technologies like Big data HADOOP , Data science including R and Python are technologies that can be learnt by having access to internet with myriad number of blogs , forums and repositories available to enable learning.

Aside from this , getting enrolled for online courses by expert vendors  would silence the nerves and instill a belief that these are just like any other technologies to learn and adapt to. Adaptability has a lot to do with the mental strength of an individual and for professionals is the need of the hour.

Everything is there in the mind , unlearning what has been learned and learning new technologies in line with digital transformation is definitely the way forward.





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