Sense of “Fairness” & its importance in human emotional responses

David Rock in his book “Your Brain At Work” makes a mention of “Fairness” as one of the key factors in his SCARF framework to influence the human brain emotional responses.

Human brain is naturally oriented towards fairness and hence unfairness is treated as a negative emotional response.

The “limbic brain” inclusive of amygdala & associated parts e.g. nucleus accumbens which are key to the reward circuitry in our brain gets turned on by fair and just behavior , actions & environment in general.

Hence fairness is considered as a key in stimulating positive human behavior.This is why work places that encourage transparency and fairness in professional work environment are able to get the best out of their workforce.

Its has been proven by research that “fairness” leads to release of “dopamine” , “serotonin” as well as “oxytocin” and hence goes a long way in stimulating long lasting positive behavior and outcomes.

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