Simple steps to get started with R

R as a programming language has taken the world by storm especially because of its capabilities in terms of data science and data visualization.

By virtue of being open source, R can be learnt without incurring any additional cost given the fact that there are myriad resources on R freely available over the internet.

Getting started is as simple as following the steps mentioned below:

  • Download the CRAN of R from R’s website
  • Install RStudio the IDE for R
  • Myriad videos on R are available on youtube. Along with this easy to understand sample R codes are freely available over the internet. We can go through these and get started with R.

The following link from pluralsight mentions 5 simple steps to kick start your journey with R.

I have found the sample codes on tutorialpoint very helpful to get an understanding on R.

Please refer to the following link to get started with R.

About RStudio

RStudio provides a very user friendly interface to get started with R.

It is very easy to install and gets installed very fact on Windows, Mac, Linux machines.

RStudio has 4 tabs.

  • The tab on the top left is where we can enter R scripts in .R extension files and run them , debug them through very easy to use tool bar icons.
  • The top right tab is the workspace tab wherein we can see how work variables get changed when R codes are run. This is especially helpful when debugging R codes to have a look at important variables and their values during run time.
  • The bottom left tab is for R console wherein we can run R commands and is the R command line interface.
  • The bottom right tab is where we can get to see results of different plot functions and is especially useful for data visualization related functions.


Happy learning!!!!!





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